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January 30, 2006



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Mitch Robinson

I think a lot of people coming into a Corp Dev role have mis-aligned expectations...they haven't internalized the fact that they now work for a business whose core competency is building products and/or service offerings and taking them to market...not doing deals. If their only measure of success and value in the role is deals closed and they don't currently work for Oracle... they aren't going to get a whole lot of job satisfaction. To me, the Corp Dev mandate is much broader, influencing all the levers a company has at their disposal to drive their business, not just M&A. If a person doesn't value that broad perspective in their job, they are going to have a really tough time enduring dry spells in M&A activity.


I totally agree with that comment. As an investment banker who made the move into a corporate development role, nothing is worst than a board that a) cannot bring itself to pull the trigger or b) pays no respect to transaction timelines and finally decides once the opportunity has been stitched up by your competitors.

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